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[Paid] Vintage Engraver – Procreate Brushes

The fastest way to achieve authentically looking vintage designs and illustrations in Procreate!

Drawing realistic, vintage artwork can be time-consuming and fiddly. So, why not try a new way to easily create authentic-looking, engraved illustrations with this incredibly realistic set of texture pattern brushes?

How do they work?

This nifty short-cut is so simple to use – The vintage patterns have been saved into the grain of each brush so, you can draw areas of vintage engraved pattern quickly and easily. Just layer the patterns at different angles to create hatching and build up shading. So much quicker than having to draw hundreds of cross-hatched lines!

The patterns have been supplied at zero and 90 degree angles so you can easily overlay contrasting patterns to build up tone and texture. Custom rotate areas of drawn pattern using the transform function.

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