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[Paid] Procreate Watercolor Botanical Kit

Delighted to present a new toolkit for Procreate! This time we made some tools for botanical illustration. The toolkit has brushes, textures, templates, guides and even it’s own photo reference library.

Inside is all you need to draw and paint gorgeous florals! Beginner or experienced artist, this toolkit will save you tons of time and the technique guide (and video) will show you exactly how to make the most of it.

Here’s a list of all:

  • 1 .brushset file for version 4.1 users – instal whole brush set with single tap
  • 36 unique brushes – watercolor brushes, ink, pencil, special effects
  • 5 canvas templates with pre-set texture layers – ready to use!
  • 8 textures, so you can set up your custom canvas
  • 48 photos of various plants in a reference library to get you started
  • PDF Content guide with valuable info on each brush and texture + quick view of reference photos
  • PDF Technique guide that will lead you through each step from start to end of illustration
  • PDF with user guide on how to install the brushes and set canvas
  • a video guide for the technique we used available on YouTube (links in text doc)
  • 2 Procreate files with illustrations, that you can look at closely and replay timelapse

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