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[Paid] Gouache Procreate Brushes

This Gouache Procreate brush set with our carefully selected handmade brushes for will give you a feeling of drawing with gouache, but digitally.

The brush pack comes with 16 different brushes. The textures that the brushes are made of are high quality seamless patterns, which means that you can easily adjust the sizes of the brush while maintaining the quality of the textures.

How to use the brushes These brushes will give you the feeling of drawing with gouache, but digitally. In this brush set you get:

  • 4 gouache painter brushes (great for a thicker and wet gouache look)
  • 4 gouache shader brushes (great to create shades and/or to get a soft gouache look with more opacity.
  • 7 dry gouache brushes (great for adding texture to your drawings)
  • 1 texturizer brush (a great brush to get a subtle texturised look)

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