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[Paid] COPICat Markers for Procreate

Now you can have the joy of drawing with Copic markers right on your iPad! This set of 28 brushes was designed to emulate alcohol-based markers in the way they blend, build up in opacity, their texture and plenty more thoughtful features.

Your COPICat Marker Procreate drawings will look so realistic, people will be shocked to hear they were made digitally!

The set comes with a variety of the most popular marker nibs as well as delicious marker textures and useful tools. Textures for these brushes were sampled from authentic Copic markers and rigorous testing was performed comparing their behavior to working with real markers, so that when you use them, it feels easy and natural, like working with the real thing.

Alcohol-based markers, such as Copic markers, are used by both professional artists and hobbyists to create brilliant and colorful works of art, from cartooning and comics, to lettering pieces, illustration, and more. Now you can have the joy of drawing with real markers along with the benefits of working digitally in Procreate: unlimited colors, layers, undo, erasing, masks, available to you anytime, anywhere, right on your iPad.

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