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Top 20 brushes for Procreate: a great start for beginners

Unlock Your Creativity with the Ultimate Collection of 20 Procreate Brushes! Designed with beginners in mind, these handpicked brushes are perfect for those just starting their creative journey. Whether you’re a budding artist or an aspiring digital illustrator, these brushes will empower you to create stunning artworks effortlessly. Dive into a world of endless possibilities and bring your imagination to life with ease using these beginner-friendly Procreate brushes. Start exploring today

1. Classico FREE procreate brush

Classico Procreate brush for beginners

2. Free line art brush

Easy to use line art brush

3. Free Biro Pens

Biro Pens Procreate brush

4. COFFEE CUP procreate brush FREE

Coffee cup Procreate brush

5. The Sketchbook Experience FREE Mini Set for Procreate

Useful The Sketchbook Experience Procreate brush set

6. Main illustration brushes

Main illustration brushes for those who are just starting to draw

7. PENCIL TOUCH procreate brush FREE

PENCIL TOUCH procreate brush

8. Sharp lineart brush

Sharp lineart brush will definitely come in handy in each of your drawings

9. Travel Pencil Case – Procreate Brushes

Travel Pencil Case – Procreate Brushes

10. INKing about procreate FREE brush

Ink FREE brush for beginners in Procreate

11. Paint & Chill FREE Mini Brush Set for Procreate

Paint Mini Brush Set for beautiful illustrations

12. School Backpack

Easy to use School Backpack Brush Set

13. Monoline brush made from coffee beans

Monoline brush made from coffee beans is very useful for beginners

14. FROM WHITE procreate brush FREE

FROM WHITE procreate brush

15. 8 free *realistic* pen brushes

Realistic pen brushes for Procreate

16. FREE Paint brush

This brush is perfect for simple illustrations

17. Free Beta ver. of Nature Brush Pack

With this brush set you will quickly learn how to draw nature

18. CHALK table procreate brush FREE

Great chalk brush to add texture to your drawing

19. FREE Magic Brush Pens-4 Brushes

Magic Brush Pens for easy drawing

20. Free basic brush pack!

Basic brushes for beginners


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