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[Paid] Union Grit Texture Brushes

Union Grit – Distress Brushes for Procreate Distress your work fast and easy with the Union Grit Texture Brush Kit for Procreate.

Featuring a wide-range of grit and grime from light dusting of grit to full on destruction. Your type, illustrations and art will age to perfection, easily with a few strokes.

We did the dirty work for you! We sourced Dirt, dust, grime and dialled-in to make the perfect procreate distressing brushes.

20 High Quality Brushes for Procreate

  • 5 Light Brushes
  • 5 Medium Brushes
  • 5 Heavy and Special Brushes
  • 5 Buffer Wear Brushes

Install, pick your level of grit, grime and and paint on the effect. Use with colour or use as an eraser to reveal what’s behind.

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