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[Paid] THE XL BUNDLE – For Procreate


Get access to my entire library of Procreate assets.

I update it every month with any new brushes, textures, and palettes that I create.

So you can waste less time searching for brushes, and spend more time creating.

Reimagine your workflow & create scroll-stopping illustrations!


  • Infinite Patterns – 60 Seamless Patterns and Texture brushes.
  • Swatch Bundle – 16 ‘Vibe Curated’ Color Palettes with 404 colors.
  • Timmy Textures- 10 Crunchy brushes to add grit, and depth to your work.
  • Vector Pens – 7 Smooth Ink pens for clean edges and vector-like quality.
  • Lunar Noise – 7 Dusty, crusty, and grungy noise brushes.
  • Healthy Halftones – 10 Pressure halftone brushes for comic and pop art.
  • Galactic Stamps – 26 Galactic Space Stamps for logos, planners, merch designs.
  • VT Banners – 24 Cloth Banner Shapes for hand-lettered, and hand-drawn layouts.
  • VT Badges – 16 Symmetrical shapes to bring your work from the digital to the physical.
  • VT Snowflakes – 9 Minimal snowflakes
  • VT Sacred Geometry – 8 Sacred geo stamps
  • BONUS: Gradients – 10 gradient overlay stamps

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