[Paid] The Procreate Hand Lettering Toolkit - Free Brushes for Procreate

If you are using Procreate 5 and iPadOS (iOS13), you can use Photoshop brushes. Check out our new site with free Photoshop brushes and instructions, how to install brushes.

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[Paid] The Procreate Hand Lettering Toolkit

The Procreate Hand Lettering Toolkit

The Brushes

Below is a quick summary of each brush included in the set:

  • Sketchers: A set of 8 sketching brushes that can be used for everything from initial scribbles down to finished pieces, or even used as textures.
  • Inkers: A set of 12 inkers ranging from everyday liners to rough and ready textured brushes.
  • Monoliners: A set of 6 monoline brushes that can be used for simple, beautiful script lettering as well as guides to build on with your lettering.

Explorations in Hand Lettering (In Procreate & Beyond) Guide

Alongside the brushes I have included a simple guide showing you some ways I create my lettering work using the various brushes in this pack. It’s included as a PDF and as a working Procreate file so you can actually open it up and work into it if you want to!

For you iPad Procreate users, there is also a version of the guide optimised for use in Procreate on the iPad! With that said the guide was designed to be used primarily on the iPad Pro with an Apple Pencil so I can’t guarantee how well it will work with different styluses etc.

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