[Paid] Procreate Vintage Comic Ink Brushes - Free Brushes for Procreate

If you are using Procreate 5 and iPadOS (iOS13), you can use Photoshop brushes. Check out our new site with free Photoshop brushes and instructions, how to install brushes.

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[Paid] Procreate Vintage Comic Ink Brushes

Add an authentic, comic-book style to your work with my go-to vintage inking kit.

A Complete Professional, Vintage Ink Kit for Procreate

The set includes a collection of 4-high resolution vintage paper textures, a PDF Brush Guide, and the following brushes:

  • 6B Pencil
  • Vintage Inker
  • Modern Inker
  • Modern Inker Fat (For filling in large areas)
  • Janson Inker (If you don’t know Klaus Janson, Google him!)
  • CrowQuill Pen
  • Ashley Dry Brush
  • Vintage Tech Pen (Great for Comic-style, lettering or line work)
  • Vintage Tech Pen Smooth (Great for Comic-style, lettering or line work)
  • Paper Grain Inker (For even more realistic paper bleed!)
  • 45 Halftone Line and Average Halftone Dot (For that finishing touch)
  • BONUS: 4-High Resolution Vintage Paper Textures, Masking Pallette, and Paper Texture Tutorial Guide.

Brushes on Creative Market

Brushes on Creative Market

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