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[Paid] Procreate Gradient Brushset

Procreate Gradient BrushSet paints your life with new vivid colors! Do you like to watch the sky fill with different colors as the sun appears over the horizon? Or watch the water surface at sunset? Even our life is a continual transformation from one state to another as a smooth flow of a gradient.

This incredibly colorful set contains 30 GRADIENT STAMPS IN HIGHT RESOLUTION.

They are organized in quick-select brush groups — from radial ones to metal-styled: you can easily choose from different types of rounds, even half round to diagonal ones or linear and blend. Also there are surface-like gradients: various metal brushes, ray and radiation.

Presented brushes are very adaptable: you can choose a convenient direction of the gradient and add it in one click! Furthermore smooth stretchings of color transpire without possible errors, which happen with gradient brushes

So many options and all of them are performed using this 30 brushes:

  • 4 round brushes + 1 half round
  • vignette
  • 3 diagonal
  • 4 linear
  • 3 horizontal
  • 3 vertical
  • 2 blend diagonal
  • blend invert
  • 5 metal
  • ray + radiation
  • background
  • Bonus brushset An additional set of brushes where trending texture is added to the gradients. This is another 30 brushes that can bring a whole new dimension or emotion to your composition.

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