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[Paid] Procreate Goldie Brush Set

Procreate lettering Brush for use in Procreate Application on ios. You will need an iPad Pro and Apple pencil to use this brush.

Creates a glazed metallic style calligraphy as you write. Works best with a dark background. Tapered for thick downstrokes and thin upstrokes, with thinning based on the pressure used. Works for creating thick calligraphy, or lower the brush size for a more refined style or bounce lettering. Get creative with various styles!

Includes color palette and two brushes.

Instant download just save file, and install in procreate.

You will receive two .brush file and one .swatches file for use in Procreate only with directions in a .pdf format. Also JPG showing the color palette. Download of dropbox app on iPad and use of a dropbox account is needed.

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