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[Paid] MEGAPACK: 450+ Brushes for Procreate

This is probably what you’re looking for: All my professional Procreate brushes in one big MegaPack incl. free updates and new brushes!

 Updated for Procreate 4 (150+ new brushes added!) . These brushes are made exclusively for Procreate and won’t work in other programs like Photoshop, Illustrator or Clip studio 

You’ll get more than 450 custom made premium brushes! Included in this insanely affordable bundle are:

  • INK Brush Sets #1 and #2: All my favorite inking brushes, crafted with love and passion for detail. I use these brushes every day for my personal and professional work.
  • JensK DUNCE Comic Brush Set (NEW): 25+ rough sketch, dirty ink, messy marker & dry shading brushes for Procreate 4: https://creativemarket.com/georg.von.westphalen/2218364-25-DUNCE-Comic-Procreate-Brushes
  • ROSSBOB Wet Paint Sets #1 and #2: 35+ new wet paint brushes for Bob Ross style oil painting in Procreate 4. I also included two ROSSBOB color swatches to get you started painting right away 🙂
  • INKTOBER 2017 Ink Brushes (NEW): 45+ brand-new Procreate 4 ink brushes and markers
  • PENCIL & SKETCH Brush Set (NEW): 30+ new and updated pencils, charcoal, graphite & sketch brushes
  • DIRTY DOZEN Brush Set: 19 new messy ink, gritty shading & grunge paint brushes
  • MANGA & ANIME Brush Set incl. 25 traditional East Asian ink and paint brushes, screen tones (seamless pattern brushes as well as 21 transparent PNGs) and shading brushes
  • MARX PAINTBRUSH BROTHERS (NEW): 5 versatile multi-purpose paintbrushes which can be used for wet and dry oil as well as acrylic and gouache painting!
  • BIG IN JAPAN (NEW): 4 brand-new wet ink brushes for Procreate 4
  • WATERCOLOR, INK & PAINT Bundle incl. the WATERLIES: Water based coloring and natural media painting brushes

Brushes on Creative Market

Brushes on Creative Market

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