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[Paid] Magical Snow Procreate Brushes

Create beautiful wintery scenes with the Magical Snow brush set for Procreate! You can make snow drifts, snow flurries, snow banks, snowflakes or any other snowy design you can think of.


  1. Icicles brush – creates a line of icicles. Use the liquify tool to create different sizes of icicles.
  2. Flurry – a dense brush that creates a powdery snow drift effect with individual snow pieces showing. Use lightly or layer up for a thick snow effect.
  3. Simple Snow – Light and delicate hand drawn simple snowflakes.
  4. Magic Flakes – A beautiful mix of hand hand drawn flakes – more dense and with more opaqueness than Simple Snow.
  5. Fluffy Flakes – Big, fat fluffy snowflakes. This is the kind of snow you want to play in!
  6. Snow Sprinkles – a magical mix of simple snowflakes, dots, and star sprinkles. Looks like magical Santa Claus snow!
  7. Fancy Flakes – The fanciest snowflakes, delicately transparent and ethereal.
  8. Fluffy Dense – Large, wet snow flakes in a denser pattern with mixed opacities. Gives a dimensional effect like snow is falling in the foreground and background.
  9. Fluffy Loose – Just like Fluffy Dense, except the snow is more sparse.
  10. Snow Drift – Heavy snow – Big, fluffy flakes in a dense arrangement – great for big, heavy snow drifts. 11- 16 – Beautiful and unique intricate snowflake stamps. Use as a stamp or as a continuous chain if you want!

Mix, match, and layer for unique snowy effects in your digital paintings.

Brushes on Creative Market

Brushes on Creative Market

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