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[Paid] Inky Lettering Procreate Brush Set

This brush pack contains 5 watercolor brushes, 3 marker brushes, 2 ‘magic’ paintbrushes, plus 2 bonus brushes for editing your lettering. All of these are brushes that I use in my own work, and have refined over the years to achieve the inky effects I’ve wanted for different projects.

5 Watercolor Brushes:

  • Watery Pointed Watercolor Brush — a tapered, elegant calligraphic brush with watercolor effect
  • Watery Round Watercolor Brush — a monoline calligraphy pen with watercolor effect
  • Subtle Ombré Watercolor Brush — a whimsical lettering brush with an elegant ombré effect
  • Bold Ombré Watercolor Brush — a bold lettering brush with dramatic, multicolor ombré effect
  • Watery Ink Brush — a stiff, calligraphic brush reminiscent of Sumi or fountain pen ink

3 Marker Brushes:

  • Ombré Marker Brush — a smooth, rounded marker pen with dramatic ombré effect
  • Very Dry Marker Brush — a realistic, monochrome marker with rough strokes
  • Smooth Round Brush — a smooth, calligraphic marker pen with elegant stroke weight

2 Solid Paint Brushes:

  • Magic Flourishing Brush — a ‘magic’ brush that creates very smooth, bold curves the slower you write
  • Ombré Magic Flourishing Brush — a multicolor ombré version of the original ‘magic’ brush

Bonus Brushes:

  • Watery Smudge Brush — use with the smudge tool to add extra watery texture to the edges and overlapping strokes of the watercolor brushes
  • Eraser Brush — use with the eraser tool for precise stroke refinements on any of the brushes

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