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[Paid] INK.• 63 Procreate brushes

• First Month Special Price:
$10 Instead of $14 (Regular Price after April 1, 2020) for the Personal Licence

INK. 4 Procreate
63 Brushes with all settings
(60 brushes imitating real pens, brushes, sprays, and splashes + 3 splashes/blot brushes identic to the “SPLASHES” Brush set)
for realistic digital Inking in Procreate

• Here are 63 brushes for realistic Inking in Procreate, сombined into the “INK.” brush set, fine for drawing and calligraphy. The brushes imitate such real instruments like sharp nib pen and flat nib penbristle, round, and flat brushes loaded by ink, ruling pen and folded pen, some of them make some nice spatter like real instruments do. A number of spray and splash brushes are to give liveness and fine naturalness to your art.

I sincerely hope that this product will be so useful for you, as it’s useful for me when I’m using this by working on my graphics or calligraphy in Procreate.

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