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[Paid] Futuristic Lettering Brushset

The year is quickly taking on a very futuristic route, especially with this FUTURISTIC Lettering Procreate Brushset. As an extension of the cyberpunk aesthetic, the neon lights and dystopian vibes could influence visual communication beyond the digital realm of the internet.

This set contains 50 brushes to create treendy lettering creations:

  • 4 basic brushes for your futuristic calligraphy: 45 degrees for gothic, a follower for massive letters, a brush and a monoline for details
  • 5 neon brushes to make your letters emit light of futuristic future
  • 5 smoke brushes to cover words with mystery and haze of uncertain tomorrow
  • 5 geometric brushes for letters structurization and making artificial forms
  • 5 3D brushes to feel 3D revolution in your one slogans
  • 8 texures to stimulate the approach of a new cybernetic reality -8 effects brushes to create more advanced desing


  • 10 elements to make your lettering ultramodern and futuristic-styled

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