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[Paid] Faces & Emotions Procreate Brush

Ihaaaa! new brush set FACE AND EMOTIONS! This is an incredible set for your vigorous imagination. You can create an infinite number of characters. To do this, just select a brush and combine them with each other. The result is not long in coming. The set of more than 200 brushes. You can use brushes in any situation because it is so much fun. You can offer a cheerful portrait to guests at a wedding, or you can offer your child a tool for developing imagination and creative thinking. 

Fantasy with these brushes will only play out harder. I love this set. It allows you to create such characters that I can not imagine in my head. This is unbelievable! You get more than 200 brushes, but you can create thousands of characters. Also stay tuned for product updates.

  • 70 different head shapes
  • 126 brushes include facial features, eyes, noses, lips, eyebrows, ears and some hairstyles
  • 18 texture brushes: bristles, pencil, wool, strokes, spray

You will receive a description of how to download the product.

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