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This Watercolour Pack replaces the Ultimate Watercolour Bumper Pack as the most comprehensive Procreate watercolour bundle you’ll ever buy. I’ve been absolutely ruthless with cutting out the unnecessary brushes and relentless in perfecting the brushes that have been retained. I’ve also added some extremely versatile and useful watercolour brushes that have become indispensable to my Procreate watercolour workflow.


Two brushes that are specifically designed for Lettering, but are equally handy for creating perfectly smoothed strokes in any watercolour painting:

  • Painterly Watercolour Lettering
  • Flo Lettering

Eight “effect” brushes which add realism by letting you create the edges and seepy bits that give watercolour it’s organic charm:

  • Flecked Hard Edge
  • Hard Dark Edge
  • Blooming Cloud
  • Seep Edge Bumpy
  • Wet Bleed Edge
  • Blooming Seep
  • Moist Sharp Edges
  • Damp & Dry

These four brushes are dry and textural when you press lightly, but glazed and wet when you press harder:

  • Hogs Hair
  • Broad Dry
  • Blunt Dry
  • Japanese Watercolour


  • Watercolour Bristle
  • Poster Paint
  • Simple Visible Bristles
  • Old Brush
  • Flo
  • First Step Simple
  • First Step Basic
  • Broad Stroke
  • Floraliser
  • Botanicaliser
  • Big Wash

Brushes on Creative Market

Brushes on Creative Market

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