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[Paid] Dead Head Procreate Brush Set

Dead Head is a collection of inking, sketching, shaping and texture brushes to add to your procreate repertoire. As with pretty much all the brushes I make, these have come from me using and refining them as I work until it feels like I have a set to build.

Below is a quick summary of each brush included in the set:

  • Sketch: Scribble me this. All you need to get those initial roughs down or for working back into a finished piece adding a toothy line or two.
  • Ink: Line up. Here’s your classic set of lining brushes ranging from a choppy to bumpy to an (almost) smooth line. We never go fully smooth though do we! Good for outlining and inking.
  • Shade: Throw some shade. A collection of brushes to add some depth to your lettering or illustration. Similar in grain to the texture brushes but with a little more control.
  • Texture: It’s all about that grit and grime. Hide all those imperfections with a range of different textures. Also included are 4 coverage brushes which are intended to be used to fill large spaces quickly and easily.
  • Halftone: The dotted holy grail. I use these halftones in pretty much everything I do, whether it’s to add some depth to a lettering piece or as shading in my illustration. There are 6 halftone brushes included, totally scaleable and each with a different density.

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