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[Paid] Cartoon Animal Creator Pack Brushes

Cartoon Animal Creator Pack: 150 Brushes for Procreate & Photoshop

Do you struggle with creating cartoon characters? Are you tired of looking around for reference images and just want to make SOMETHING?

We’ve all been there as artists…you stare at a blank canvas for what seems like hours. Waiting for inspiration. Waiting for the creative juices to start flowing. Waiting for something…ANYTHING…to happen! Well, if that sounds familiar…I made this new Cartoon Animal Creator Pack with you in mind! You get a total of 150, hand drawn brushes grouped by type (head/body shapes, noses, ears, eyes, eyebrows, mouths, tails, legs/feet, arms/paws, and hair/extras) that will help to jump start your drawing process! Pick a head shape brush and touch the screen…BOOM! Pick an ear brush and touch the screen…BAM! Grab an eye brush and tap that display again…POW! You’re on your way to creating an awesome cartoon character! It doesn’t matter if you ONLY use the elements included or if you decide to add your own creative flair to the tools in this set…you are bound to make something AMAZING!!!

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