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Drawing basics: a selection of brushes for creating sketches in Procreate

Get Back to Basics with These 15 Sketching Brushes for Procreate!

Sometimes, all you need are the right tools to bring your sketches to life. That’s why we’ve compiled a collection of basic yet versatile Procreate brushes that are perfect for sketching. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned artist, these brushes will provide a solid foundation for your sketching endeavors.

Our handpicked selection includes brushes that mimic the feel of traditional pencils, pens, and markers, allowing you to create sketches with an authentic touch. From smooth and precise lines to textured and expressive strokes, these brushes offer a variety of options to suit your sketching style.

With adjustable brush settings, you can easily modify the size, opacity, and pressure sensitivity to achieve the desired level of control and shading in your sketches. Whether you prefer light and delicate lines or bold and dynamic strokes, these brushes will adapt to your needs.

Spend less time searching for the perfect brush and more time focusing on your artistic vision. These basic Procreate brushes will help you streamline your sketching process and capture your ideas effortlessly. From quick doodles to detailed studies, these brushes will be your go-to tools for bringing your sketches to life.

Begin your sketching journey with confidence and unleash your creativity with these essential Procreate brushes. Start sketching today and watch your ideas take shape on the digital canvas!

1. Fat Pencil procreate brush FREE

The perfect brush for real artists

2. Travel Pencil Case – Procreate Brushes

Perfect for quick sketches on the street or in a coffee shop

3. COFE’s Free Pencil Set

Writing implement pack for Procreate

4. Matt’s Painting Procreate brush set

Painting Procreate brush set

5. Brush Pencil procreate brush FREE

High quality procreate brush handmade texture

6. 17 FREE Procreate Pencil brushes

Procreate Pencil brushes for quick sketches and neat outlines

7. Wild Textures FREE Mini Brush Set for Procreate

Convenient brushes for contours and shadows on your sketches

8. Sketch Brush (Soft Paint)

Soft brush for gentle and cute sketches

9. Pencil Art free brushes for Procreate

Pencil texture Procreate brush

10. (FREE) fantasy rough line brush

Fantasy rough line brush for magically sketching

11. Pencil scratches free brush

Pencil scratches brushes for adding texture to art

12. Versatile sketching pencil (free)

Versatile sketching pencils will help you create light and airy sketches

13. Basic Sketching Brushes Set FREE

Basic Sketching Brushes Set for beginners

14. Matt’s Sketching Procreate brush set

Sketching Procreate brush set for different stages of drawing

15. My favourite sketching brush!

Brush for quick and funny sketches of everything around


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