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9 amazing free watercolor brushes

The best selection of watercolor brushes you’ve ever seen! Each brush is unique. They perfectly imitate the transparency and lightness of watercolor paint on paper or canvas. Your illustrations will be beautiful!

1. Free watercolor brushes

6 real watercolor brushes! Light and airy.

2. Watercolour brush set (updated)

14 true watercolor brushes for free! You can paint flowers, landscape or portrait with these brushes.


Watercolor lettering – this brush is perfect for this. Fine paint imitation.

4. Watercolor Ink brush

Awesome ink brush. This brush changes its thickness like a real brush (you can adjust it by pressing the pen)

5. Watercolor & Paint brushes [Procreate 5]

A new watercolor brush in your collection. You can download it for free right now!

6. Stoni‘s watercolor brushset (free)

Very beautiful watercolor brush, which is suitable for sketches and for complex work.

7. 3 watercolor free brushes for Procreate 5

3 free watercolor brushes fully imitate watercolor paint. Very beautifully layered!

8. Watercolor free procreate brushes

A large pack of 11 beautiful watercolor brushes. Different design, different edges, different colors – try everything!

9. Abbie’s Watercolour Brushes

You can choose any or download them all for free. This brush will decorate any of your work.


All free brushes in our catalog!

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