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20 effects and free brushes for procreate

20 sets of free brushes that simulate different effects! Download them all and create amazing illustrations!

1. Free Rainbow Bubble Brush

Free brush simulating soap bubbles!

2. FREE Zipper brushset

Awesome brushes – lightning bolts! Ideal for fashion designers and fashion sketch lovers

3. Polka Dot Pattern Brush

Polka Dot Pattern Brush

4. Starlight Brush

Beautiful free brush to paint the sky and clouds

5. Paint drops brushes set

The most beautiful set of blots

6. Tie Dye Brush

Very beautiful rainbow brush!

7. A Splash Of Roses brush

A Splash Of Roses brush by RubiesAndLavender

8. Funky Clouds brush

Funky Clouds brush

9. 8 Garden Brushes

This set is perfect for garden painting.

10. 11 Nature fantasy brushes

11 Nature fantasy brushes by Nilyn Artist

11. 20 special brushes packs

A huge great set of 20 brushes for any kind of work!

12. Rusty Brushes

Rusty Brushes by RobbyW

13. Gesso Brushset

Very effective brush for your spectacular illustrations.

14. Misty Night Clouds Brush

Misty Night Clouds Brush

15. Free anime foliage brush

Natural brushes for drawing leaves and grass

16. Free fur brushes for procreate

5 Free fur brushes for procreate

17. 5 free Nebula Brushes

5 free Nebula Brushes for procreate by Actiondyne Industries

18. Stoni‘s nature brushset (free)

Stoni‘s nature brushset for procreate by Stoni

19. Favourite Procreate brushes for many purposes

Universal effective brushes for any of your paintings

20. Rope styled brush

Great rope simulator


All free brushes in our catalog!

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