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17 beautiful calligraphy brushes for procreate

Digital calligraphy is gaining more and more popularity! With these free brushes, you can draw beautiful posters or decorate your illustrations.

1. Butter Toast Calligraphy Brush

A great brush not only for lettering, but also for sketches!

2. Cardboard brush

Very beautiful brush for calligraphy.

3. Fat Cap Brush

Well, do you like to draw graffiti? This brush for perfect street lettering.

4. Bistro Marker

Very cute brush for lettering and calligraphy.

5. Calligraphy Crayon Brush

A soft, textured calligraphic brush designed for the Procreate App and the Apple Pencil. It pairs well with the default Artists Crayon, which is one of my favorites – I wanted to be able to add textured calligraphy next to my illustrations, and lo, the Calligraphy Crayon was born. It has a hand-drawn tip shape, so you won’t find another out there like it. Enjoy!

6. Straw Hat Brush

Really cool and stylish brush by Inky Pixels

7. Off air brush

Off air free brush

8. Wiskers brush

Wiskers brush for lettering.

9. Spackle brush

Stylish Spackle brush

10. Sign paint brush

Cool Sign free paint brush.

11. Marquee brush

Stylish dot brush for Procreate

12. Furry brush

Very soft and very furry.

13. Rad Happy Brush

Very stylish brush for calligraphy.

14. Curling ribbon

Beautiful brush by Melissa Cabral

15. Fabian lettering pack

4 amazing lettering and calligraphy brushes

16. Flick brushes

Great calligraphy brush by Melissa Cabral

17. Streakes brushes

Feather brush


All free brushes in our catalog!

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